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"Maximize Your Conference™"
A proven guide to help attendees of
workshops, conferences and events
reap a valuable return on your investment

A Personal Note from
Certified Leadership Coach Pat Perkins:

Dear Powerful Leader,

How many times have you attended a conference and wished you had planned ahead or intentionally documented the key action steps you wanted to leverage for use later? Or, you were so excited to meet new contacts and friends then find yourself disenchanted two, four or eight weeks later when the stack of business cards of people you expected to stay connected with were just gathering dust on your desk.

You probably felt like it was just another conference, workshop or event you attended where you know you learned something and met someone, but no real value was gained from attending.

Unfortunately, you head off to another conference just to repeat the same experience from all the previous events. Or, this time, you actually reconnect with one or two people you met because they just happen to call you or email you as promised.

My Inspiration and Motivation:

I, too, was just like you. I had attended more conferences than I could count and would return invigorated and inspired. The keynotes were powerful, the workshops were informative and the contacts were synergistic. This time would be different! Right?

Wrong! Oh yes, I had follow through and definitely implemented a few points from the speaker and presenter, but I didn’t feel like I had truly leveraged what was possible based on my time and the company’s investment. So, I decided I would. I would take on attending the next event with a different method; strategic if you will. For one, if I was going to invest my time and energy to attend an event I would at least focus on preparing for the event. I put together a pre-conference checklist of all the actions I wanted to take before I stepped one foot on to the conference floor. This checklist included my own schedule and logistics of what I wanted to atten and to who I wanted to meet when I arrived. Also, included were actions necessary to have me take on a proactive approach to attending the entire event.

How I Get my Team to Debrief and Present

Then, I thought “what if I have a plan while I’m at the conference?” For example, I actually put the workshops and events I planned to attend in my PDA as if these were actual meetings. Sure, beats carrying around a huge conference program for several days. I gave myself breaks and took on a proactive approach to how I would invest my time. Clearly, I chose to allot time and flexibility for unexpected opportunities. There are situations you just cannot plan for, ie. meeting an established author or contact you've wanted to dialogue with…this is a golden opportunity!

Finally, I considered that one of my biggest challenges was when I return from an event or conference. Life tends to show up and it’s back to business as usual. So, I created a step-by-step repeatable system for how I would approach my “post-conference” activities as well.

This systematic approach to my conference attendance gave me more time and peace of mind. I was able to connect with more people, learn more new ideas, share with others and grow my network and my business. Ultimately, the results I created turned contacts into contracts and ideas into income!

Now, this is your opportunity to obtain the same skills that will help you maximize your conference attendance at any conference, workshop and event.

Certified Leadership and Life Coach, Patricia Perkins, provides a step-by-step approach to create a return on investment for your conference participation. Obtain your audio CDs along with an Action Strategy Guidebook which shows you how to implement the information gained from the conferences and events you attend. And, helps you develop and grow your professional network. This program will not only enhance your confidence, communication and networking skills through preparedness, but give you the ability to prove to your management that it was time and money well invested. You will understand the benefits gained and will be able to share those benefits with others.

Introducing Maximize Your Conference™ –
This program is designed for the conference participant who desires to connect, learn, share and grow.

In Maximize Your Conference™, you’ll learn all my proven strategies and approaches focused on the areas and topics most important to help you leverage the learnings you received and people you met while attending events.


Before the Conference


  • before the conferenceHow to Create your Vision and Set your Goals
  • How to Develop a Networking Action Plan
  • Developing a clear and compelling introduction and offer
  • How to Inventory your skills and abilities
  • How to clearly ask for support
  • How to hold an interactive dialogue
  • Developing a Powerful People to meet list
  • How to ask within your network for introductions
  • The proactive way to attend workshops and activities
  • Creative ways to research activities and organizations
  • How to get invited to receptions
  • Identifying Places to Go and Things to Do
  • Choosing to attend conference outings
  • How to plan your own event at the conference
  • Researching Private & Public transportation


Before the Conference


  • during the conferenceWhat to do if you’re already at the conference?
  • Leveraging conference brochures and inserts
  • Recruiting registration assistance
  • Recruiting hotel assistance
  • Putting your Networking Action Plan to use
  • When to Be a Leader and Know when to Follow
  • How to Strategize and Energize
  • How to Be visible and available
  • How to build powerful rapport with everyone
  • How to ask relevant and interesting questions
  • How to eliminate barriers to networking
  • How to Party with a Purpose
  • Dressing to Influence vs. Impress
  • How to know you’re using Proper Etiquette
Before the Conference


  • after the conferenceHow to properly Debrief the Conference
  • Implementing ideas and sharing with colleagues and partners
  • How to Develop a testimonial from event
  • My Stay Connected Strategy™ (SCS)
  • How to capture relevant notes for the contacts you meet
  • Guidance in adding contacts to your contact management system
  • Tools to send “Great to Meet You” e-mails, postcards and cards
  • How to Follow Through on ALL commitments or promises
  • How to pursue Opportunities effectively
  • How to negotiate attending conferences with your employer
  • What to do if you’re planning to attend next year’s conference


  • Resources to support you in Social Networking
  • Local opportunities that you would want to leveraging
  • A book list to advance your career and your life
  • Tools to Invest in to make your event easier
  • Guidance to make sure your business cards are professional
  • Types of business card holders to use
  • What type of writing elements should you use
  • How to manage contacts more efficiently


Maximize Your ConferenceI’ve shared with you the modules and strategies you will be guided through in Maximize Your Conference™, now let’s look at how it is delivered to you:

1. Three (3) Audio CDs

Each module features its own distinct audio CD that was created from the combination of talks and workshops I’ve personally made on these strategies. You should know these CDs are extremely detailed with step-by-step, proven strategies to guide your success!

You can listen to these CDs on your computer, iPod or in your car. These CDs will be a great asset to your business or career toolkit, and you’ll be able to refer to them over and over.

2. One (1) Bonus Q&A Audio

As I guide you through each of these modules, I also provided a bonus CD addressing questions that have come up in my talks, workshops and seminars. You’ll be sure to relate to many of the questions and situations, and even gain some new ideas for yourself from this CD.

3. Detailed Printed Outlines for All Three of the Modules

There’s no need for you to scramble taking copious notes, because I had my staff do the work for you! Each module features a detailed multi-page printed outline of each audio CD that you can follow along with as you listen to the CDs and make side notes on if you wish.

4. Printed Transcripts of All Three Audio CDs and the Q&A Audio CD

We’re also including a printed transcript of each and every CD. This way you can read and follow along with the audio if you wish, or simply just read the transcript by itself! I love transcripts when learning, because I make notes on them as I go through the audios. Also it’s easy to refer back to a point that I missed or am trying to recall. With these in addition to the outlines, you can be assured you won’t miss a step.

5. A Functional Binder to Store All Your CDs, Outlines, Transcripts and Notes

Because we know you’ll be referring to this valuable complete course for years to come, we’ve spared no expense at making all this information well organized and in attractive, durable packaging. You’ll appreciate how easy it will be to find whatever you need on a specific topic in the program.

Additional bonus to you, with your purchase you receive a complimentary subscription to Advance! 7 Essential Keys to Advance Your Career and Advance Your Life!

And because I’ve packaged the entire program for you, I can offer this entire "Maximize Your Conference™" program at a promotional discounted investment of just $147.
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Try on Maximize Your Conference™ for the next 90 days. You will receive a return on investment for implementing this program, or I'll personally pay you your money back!

I'm 100% confident that if you implement the strategies and utilize the Action Strategy Guidebook provided as a bonus to you, you’ll reap a return by the end of the year.

No discussion required. No questions asked.

That's my personal guarantee to you!

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  • One (1) Bonus Q&A CD with Pat
  • Printed transcripts of all four CDs
  • Printed detailed outlines of each module
  • Well-designed binder that stores and organize all materials
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